Landscaping - am I doing this right?


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I'm in the process of beginning to landscape and I have a few questions....

In front of my house (on both sides of the door) I have two small plots of land which is comprised basically of a few bushes & trees and loads of crabgrass. My plan is remove all of the crabgrass, then remove about 2-3 inches of topsoil, level it with gravel, cover with some of that weed-prevent sheeting (making circular cuts to make room for where the trees & bushes are), stapling down the weed-prevent sheeting, lining the perimeter of the 2 areas with brick and then covering with termite-treated cedar mulch.

Does this sound about right? Am I missing any steps?

Generally speaking, how deep should the bricks go?

FYI - I live in southern Connecticut if this helps.


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One other thing I forgot to mention/ask...

I need to buy some mulch...any recommendations for websites which can tell me who are good suppliers in my area?

Thanks again.
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Second question first: A website will not help you. Just look in the yellow pages of your phone book under "Landscaping Equipment & Supplies". This will tell you all the businesses in your area who supply mulch in bulk. They will usually either deliver or load your truck, pickup, trailer, etc.

For smaller quantities any local garden center will have bagged mulch.

Now for your first question. How fun to be starting new. Well, it is a lot of work but it always looks so nice when it is done.

Getting rid of the crabgrass is always good but why would you want to remove 2-3" of topsoil and add gravel? Do you have a severe drainage problem? If you have a drainage problem adding a couple of inches of gravel will not help as the plant roots will be below that. On top of that you will have now created "rocky soil".

If you have no drainage problem to solve just remove the crabgrass, amend your soil for planting and plant.

After planting put down a layer of landscape fabric (make sure it is the type that allows water to percolate through). Make a slit in from the side to allow it to go around the base of the plant and then put your bark on top. No need to staple it down. Once the bark is on top it is not going to go anywhere.

The bricks do not need to go deep. You can lay them on their side. A single layer will do or you can set a second layer on top if you wish. You can stand them on end (this will take more bricks) or you can put them in at an angle. How you do this is really a matter of which look do you prefer?

Since you are a new homeowner and this will probably not be your only project may I suggest that you take a look in your local library for a book called "All About Landscaping" by Ortho Books. It not only has some great ideas and pretty pictures but it contains an entire section on the nuts and bolts of landscaping - step by step. I think this will be a big help to you.

After having a chance to look at it if you wish to obtain your own copy they are usually available at big box stores, garden centers, and book stores. I think I only paid $7-$8 for mine.

Have fun - Ladybug
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Wow...great information!

I really get some useful tips from this community board....thanks so much for your help!
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Your welcome. Come back here anytime. It's always nice to be able to help someone. Thank you for the compliment.
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I also am a new homeowner and I have been looking for ideas for my landscaping. I have purchased one of the "Ortho books on Annuals" It tells everything about them. It even tells when to plant & where. Great books. I can't wait to go out and get the one on "Landscaping"
Thanks DIY, I love you all!

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