old maple tree dropping leaves early


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I have several hundred-year-old maple trees.
I lost one to Hurricane Gloria a few years
back, and the remaining 6 trees lose large
branches on a regular basis (nasty storms,
winter damage, etc.) This year, one of the
trees has dropped its leaves early - the
tree is almost bare, and the other trees are
still green. Does this mean I'm going to
lose it? Will deep fertilizing help?
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Since the other trees are apparently doing fine you will need to have someone knowledgeable take a look at the tree that is in trouble - either an arborist or someone from the Extension Service.

The symptoms you describe will not be cured by fertilizer. Though maples are seldom bothered by disease or insects this is a possibility. The tree may also have suffered some root damage causing it to have trouble taking up water. Or - something has really stressed the tree. You need someone knowledgeable who can eyeball it to determine source of problem.

Best - Ladybug

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