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When is the best time to plant rose bushes?

(Also, when we plant them we'd like to cover the area with a 1-2" layer of mulch. Does it matter what kind of mulch, i.e. cedar, etc?)

P.S. - I live in southwest Connecticut.

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Best time to plant roses in your area is in the spring. Your local nurseries will have a great selection of bareroot roses and preplanted. Be sure you are dealing with a quality nursery. This is one area where it doesn't pay to skimp. You'll get what you pay for. Get #1 grade name brand roses.

To educate yourself on what is out there get a couple of catalogs from suppliers. Jackson & Perkins puts out a very nice informative catalog and since this is the brand I use almost exclusively I can tell you their product is great. Most nurseries also have their brand.

When looking at the catlogs note petal count, scent, height, type i.e. grandiflora, tea, multi-flora, etc.

As to mulch everyone has their own approach. Quite frankly I've done it both ways using pine bark mulch or "no" mulch. Cedar mulch will work as well.

Depending on how you care for your roses i.e. fertilizer, insect and disease control, etc. you may find mulch is in the way. I tend to use a systemic rose fertilizer. This not only feeds your roses but also contains an insecticide that is taken up by the plant and zaps the bugs that try to feed on it. Since this must be worked into the soil around the plant and then watered in I find that mulch sometimes gets in the way. But it is really up to you. Either way does work.

Best - Ladybug
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Thanks again for your advice.

P.S. - my landscaping project took all weekend but it was worth it! After 40 bags of stained cedar mulch, planting 6 new bushes, 2 rolls of weedblock and about 300 lbs of brick lining...I'm done!
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Wow! You've been busy. I'll bet it looks really great.

By the way when you are at the garden center or big box store next time look to see if they have a copy of the book called "All About Roses" by Ortho Books. This is a great all-purpose information book showing pruning, care, feeding, insect control, disease control, landscaping with roses, types of roses, etc.

Flip through the pages and see if it would help you. I think it just might. I've enjoyed my copy for years and so have many of my friends who have borrowed it.

As a former member of Rose Society I can tell you that everyone who grows roses has their own way that they believe is right. In truth, they are all right. Just get the basics down and then do what works for you. Enjoy those flowers and "that scent" is heavenly.

Best - Ladybug

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