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Can you tell me the best way to store potatoes and carrots when you don't have a cool place to store them over the winter?
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The best place to store them depends on your geographic location i.e. climate. Due to the wide variety of options and since your post does not tell me where you live I can only give general information.

For storage information specific to your location contact your local Cooperative Extension Service. They are in the government pages of your phone book under county. The entry usually begins with the initials of your state's land grant college/university. They can give you the options for storage based on your climate. You can also utilize outbuildings, garden sheds, garages, basements, etc. and the directions for storage should include these options.

In a climate where temperatures drop into the 40's or below there are many options for storage ranging from "in ground where they grew - carrots" to styrofoam chests, window wells, buried boxes, garbage pails, mounds, dirt cellar (often called a root cellar), or a full-blown basement cold room.

Since it takes more room than I have here to describe them pop on over to your local library and take a look at a book called "Stocking Up" by Carol Hupping and the staff of the Rodale Food Center. I have Stocking Up III but any of the editions will have the information. Check pages 171 - 191 "Underground Storage".

Another excellent book on the subject which should be available from your library is "Root Cellaring" by Mike and Nancy Bubel. This book has detailed information on underground storage for almost every fruit and vegetable as well as illustrations of and directions for many storage ideas.

Best - Ladybug

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