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Could you tell me how to know when to pick corn? Also will the cobs of corn ripen after a heavy frost? The leaves on the corn are dead and also the top part of the stalk, but further down the plant is green.
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A ripe ear is one that is a dark green with brown tassels and feels firm and full and is rounded at the end (not pointy). To check for sure carefully peel back just enough of the covering to expose a small section of the kernals. They should appear of good color and fully formed except at the very end of the ear. Pierce a full kernal with your fingernail. If it "squirts" a milky liquid it is ready to pick.

If your fingernail goes right in with no squirting it is not ready. If you have to press pretty hard to penetrate the kernal and there is no squirt it is too late. The corn will be tough and chewy.

Don't let it stay on the stalk too long or it will turn to starch and be tough.

Few plants continue to ripen after a "hard" frost but if that is where you are weatherwise give it a try. If they ripen (use the "squirt" test) you can still enjoy.

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