Mystery holes in the ground


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The weirdest thing...I have hundreds of tiny holes in an open patch of ground on my property in northern California. They are no larger than say half the diameter of a pencil. Soil is pushed up to the surface from beneath the ground. I have never seen anything like it. I haven't lived in the home for long so I can't say that this is just a recent epidemic. I had a pest control service out to the house to spray for bugs and he said that he hasn't ever seen this before. Anyone out there have an idea of what I am dealing with? Thanks in advance to anyone who can steer me in the right direction.
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Sounds like Earthworms. They are good for the soil because they aerate and add nurtients to the soil. Like moist soils. The dryer the surface, the deeper they go. Usually active during cool of the night. Holes will have minute particles of soil around edges.
Check web for environmental information.
I live in Central Illinois. Have soil rich with Earthworms. They are especially surface-visible at night in spring when soil is cool and moist.

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It very well could be earthworms or?

For insect identification contact your local Cooperative Extension Service office at Click on your state, then county, then find your local office.

Ask to speak with the entomologist. Explain what you are seeing and ask for insect identification. They are familiar with insects common to your area and will be able to help you.

They will also be able to tell you if there is something you can do to eliminate the holes showing up or, if it is a pest (not earthworms), they can tell you effective means of control.

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Here's a thought - cicadas. We used to have two broods here in the midwest but a third emerged (very small numbers) last year. A cicada spends 17 years in the ground then emerges to mate and die. The young burrow into the ground and emerge 17 years later.

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