Weeds and Maple Trees

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Pat Fox
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We just moved into a home that has had no maintenance in years and this includes the lawn. We have small patches of grass but the lawn mainly consists of dandelions and creeping charlie. We also have a problem with all the seeds from the maple trees in the area and have small maples sprouting up everywhere which I have been either pulling out or cutting down. We just had the back yard torn up to put in a new septic bed and it is mainly rock now. The house was built near a closed down rock quarry and the ground consists of maily rock, with a very thin layer of top soil. The back yard will need a load of top soil in the spring and reseeded but I am at a loss on how to shape up the rest of the lawn. I have a dog and am a little nervous about what kind of chemicals to use to get rid of all the weeds. Thank you in advance for any advice you can give me. Pat
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course you leave out, how big a yard, and how much money you're willing to spend...

well this is what I'd do....
Get the loads of dirt.
I'd get as many as you'd needed right than.
Wouldn't hurt to find out if the local township has a composting facility. Mine does, thats a big plus.
I'd rent a Tractor...
frontend loader with a three point hitch in the back would be optimal.
Use the front end bucket to get the dirt spread out, or the boxblade on the back.
Level/grade it all with the boxblade.

I'd buy some landscape timbers for all the garden beds you'd like. Fill with compost and call that a day.
The weeds will not be a problem if you have more than a 3-4inches of dirt over them.
mowing first would help if they are tall.

Along with the boxblade attachment I would also rent a seeder for the tractor and seed the lawn.

sounds easy?
it actually is.

But than again, I own a tractor, and can drive just about any machine... but hey man, this is how you learn.
If you have a small yard... a shovel and a wheelbarrow go a long way.

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Pat Fox
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I would like to thank you for your response. We are working on a shoe string budget as we are also doing a lot of work to the house. The lot is 120 by 130, not very big as lots go. We will probably be spreading the dirt with a wheelbarrow, not only for the financial saving but also because we have our well going out at the side of the house and our new septic bed at the back. This is all new to us city people but we were told that nothing heavy should be running over either of these things. I had been told that I would have to kill the weeds before putting dirt down or they would just come back up through the dirt, these are very tall healthy weeds. Also, you did not address the maple tree problem, does this mean there is nothing we can put down to control the constant growth of maple trees? Thank again. Pat
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You can use an herbicide called Roundup to successfully kill just about anything. The nice thing about this product is that it is relatively environmentally friendly - it breaks down quickly, and works by interrupting the metabolism of the plant. It is so benign that you can even plant the same area the day after treatment. It will, however, take several days for the treated plants to die (the plant has to run out of stored energy, but can't make new energy). It will, however, kill everything, including the lawn. However, if your lawn is really bad, you might want to kill it all and start over with new seed.

For continuing maintenance, you have several options. One is a pre-emergent herbicide - it only kills developing seedlings and not established plants. This is a "weed and feed" type. However, your maple seedlings won't need this - if you just mow it on a regular basis, the seedlings will die. ( I have a pecan tree in my yard - much worse than maples, and the seedlings are very tough - but the mowed areas NEVER have seedlings surviving. They only thrive in the garden. We mow every 2 weeks)

Hope this helps!

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