Hydrangea question


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Hydrangea question

I planted two "hardy hydrangea" plants about 2 weeks ago. They are about 2' high and came with a stabilizer (ring with sticks to anchor into the ground). With all the rain we've had here in the northeast, they are now flopping over and looking pitiful. Is there anything else I can do? I really don't want to lose them.
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Are you sure it's overwatering? In Chicago we've had a lot of rain, but it's not the good soaking rains, so I've had to water in the afternoon as mine get wilted from the heat. Can you take a leaf into a local nursery and see what they say? If you do think it's from too much water and you have mulch down, pull the mulch away from the base of the plant so it can breath. Also stick a trowel in the dirt and move it around to get the water circulating -- you may have pockets where all the water is stagnant. They can get root rot from too much water, so anything you can do to move the soil around and even add some dry soil in (assuming you're sure it's overwatering) will help.

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