Durable soaker hoses?


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Durable soaker hoses?

For the last few years I've been buying the black rubber "soaker hoses" made from recycled tires, I use these in decorative garden areas at the front and side of the house, and like them because I can precisely control where water's being delivered.

However even if I use the supplied restricter washers and only partially open the valve at the hose bib, within six months or so the pores in the hose start open, and it's no longer a "soaker hose" but instead a "mini sprinkler system"

Are there better quality soaker hoses I can buy? should I be considering some kind of more "professional" system.


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You'll have to weigh cost versus lifespan as there are better hoses but they cost up to 3 times more.

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You might want to look in to Drip Irrigation that used more durable polyethylene pipe with multiple tubes of various lengths that can be moved around easily.

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