growing a tree from another tree.....


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Question growing a tree from another tree.....

Is this possible? We had a tree start growing in our yard a couple of years ago. We didn't plant it, it did that itself. We like it and it is a fast growing some kind of maple tree. Just wondering if it is possible to cut part of a branch off to try to grow roots in water or pot with soil and rooting compound and then plant in the ground? Your help on this would be very helpful since we are not greenthumbs(well, we try).

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You are talking about "grafting".

Look for the seeds from the existing tree and plant them. You may even find sprouts coming up from seeds already fallen onto the ground. Maples are prolific. Good luck with your project.
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Ya, maples are fairly fast growing. In 1994 I painted a house that had a silver maple that was dumping seeds everywhere - including in my van. Later that week when I cleaned out my van, I stuck 1 of the seeds in a flower pot setting on the front porch [the flower had died]. That tree is now close to 20' high - it would be a lot higher/bigger if I had dirt I probably don't have a dump truck full of topsoil on my entire 16 acres, it's all slate rock
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You can try the rooting compound, but as suggested, look for seedlings or seeds. If it started by itself, also look for the parent and thus seedlings in that area. I'm a strong believer in cultivating what grows naturally in my area. I have many 30' trees that started as sprouts.

PS, if you move a seedling this time of year, take it with a bucket of undisturbed soil and plant it in the same orientation as it currently sits.


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I haven't had luck with trees yet, but have started a few hydrangea from root cuttings and they are doing great. Anything is worth a try.

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