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When to divide canna that are in the ground?

When to divide canna that are in the ground?


Old 09-01-09, 11:59 AM
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When to divide canna that are in the ground?

We are in Southern Oregon and have a lot of canna that have not been divided in years.

From reading, it sounds like late fall or spring would be the time to divide. Apparently I can pry the entire clump out with a spading fork and divide or leave them in the gound and use a sharp spade to divide. Any thoughts?

Re the leftover divisions? If it is done in late fall, can I re-plant in the ground immediately? Or do I have to store in sawdust or peat until the ground warms up in late spring?

It sounds like if I divide in spring, I have to wait until the ground warms up to 65 degrees or so, to replant.

What say you canna growers? Beer 4U2
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Old 09-01-09, 07:37 PM
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Depending on how much time I have to devote, I don't always get all of them dug up every year but I have a few favorites (blood red and my white one that must! be saved though... )
Never the less, if yours haven't been divided in years , you're likely in for quite a chore as they are probably huge clumps by now. As such, I would dig with a fairly wide berth around the base to avoid whacking into them.
I choose fall so as it is I dig - divide- wash well with water hose - trim string roots back - let dry on a tarp for a day or so -loosely wrap in brown kraft paper lightly sprinkled with sawdust and crate them up in a large wooden bushel basket allowing for airflow (prevents mold) and store them in the basement for the winter. I drag them out around the end of April depending on how our weather is and replant them.

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