island full of weeds and perennials


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island full of weeds and perennials

We inherited this island when we bought the house. We think it can be a great garden during spring/summer. Currently it has creeping charlie, violets and some other weeds all over it and bunch of perennials (daffodils, tulips, some other flowers I dont know names of)

Here is how it looks in spring.

We wanted to get rid of the weed and keep the perennials if possible. We have whacked all the perennials for fall and this is how the island looks now. (different angle from the spring photo)

The current plan is spray the island with some weed killer and after 2-3 days spread mulch ( hemlock, 3 inch in height) all over the island in next couple of weeks. We are hoping that the weed killer and mulch will make sure that the weed does not grow in spring, but the bulbs will break through. If some perennials die, thats OK, we want to replace some perennials with new ones anyway.

Is this a good plan? What weed killer should we use? Is there a better plan?

Also can you help me identify these perennials?

orange flower

fern and some flowers - Is fern used as just a decorative green plant here? or is that really weed?

violet flower

yellow flowers

yellow/purple flowers

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The three bottom photos are all iris. Will get some help from my wife on the other two flower photos.
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Orange flower looks like poppy. Do not know the flowers in the ferns.

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