Italian Cypress Trees dying


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Italian Cypress Trees dying

First post here. We have 6 Italian Cypress trees that were florishing up until a few months ago when they started to brown out. Our lawn/shrub service said it was mites and they sprayed with some pesticide. They got worse. He then told us they weren't planted right needed to be replanted with lots of cow manure. We live in South Florida and from what I've read while not the ideal climate they can survive here. As I said they were thriving unti the alleged mite attack. They are all browning and the needles are just falling to the ground. Anyone experience this or have any idea what we can do.
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While I have no personal experience with this tree in my area, I do know that they are indeed subject to frequent mite infestations, and also do not like to be over watered.
The following link may be helpful:

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