upright yews/deer


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upright yews/deer

Although I have always had deer nibbling at something, I have never seen this many deer every night around the house and who have found comfort in my upright yews. They have done a good job on the front of the bushes eating the needles etc; once spring comes will these bushes sprout new growth and green up again? I know in the past when I have cut back some of the yews, they do sprout new growth but wonder if the same applies to loss from deer. Always enjoy the feedback.
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It all depends on the amount of damage the deer did. If its not to bad you should have the same results as if you had pruned. In fact it is a good idea to "trim up" the jagged branches where the deer have fed to help the plants resist disease.

BTW: As I type this, the web site is displaying videos of how to keep deer out of your yard. I've found a dog works best.
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From a little further north, all of the homes in the "no hunting zones" have yews that look like they have been sculpted from the bottom up by a machine. A fence around each is the only solution I have seen that works.

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I have about a 20% loss rate with trees under 10' tall that have become deer's favorite. While most survive they often look pretty bad and I have several trees that the deer favor every season and I think this will be their last year. The deer put so much stress on the trees that they cannot recover during the summer and just fail to thrive. A fence around the trees, if only for the prime season, is the only way to keep them away.
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your suggestions

Thanks for all the responses but most suggested ways to prevent them from eating the bushes. I have lived here for 25 years and they really never got into the yews, this is the first year. They do seem to go after the soft aborvite trees eating the bottom up.

I guess what I will do is just trim them back to hopefully force some growth and see what happens.

Oddly my neighbor suggested this......since deer apparantly can read the "deer crossing signs" since they know to cross in those areas.............he suggested I put signs in front that read "No deer allowed". Ah, now that's a solution!
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Yew/deer issue

Thanks to all the replied, you have provided allot of good ideas and suggestion.

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