evergreen shrubs


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evergreen shrubs

Need some suggestions as to the type of evergreen shrub I can put in a round the house that will not feed the deer! This year the deer did a serious job on my yews and am not sure they will come back. Looking for something that will stay 2-3 foot high maybe and take sun and/or shade since they will go on the south and north side. I do have what I think are juniper on the east side and they were not touched.

Any suggestions you might offer will be very much appreciated; and is it the Norway Spruce that is also pretty safe from deers as far as a evergreen tree?
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Nothing is "deer proof" when they are really hungry. My deer avoid our blue spruce, but it grows much taller than you want. They do not like boxwoods, which are not really evergreens, but do keep their leaves over the winter. They can be pruned to any height.
You might check with a local nursery and see what they recommend for your area.
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We used to live north of Albany, NY and had our share of deer.

Goldstar is correct. Nothing is deer proof, but if you stick with plants that they don't prefer, the deer may visit your neighbors.

We've always liked boxwood and the deer have never bothered it. We had the same experience with barberry and junipers.

Here is a website from Rutgers that I found helpful in the past finding deer resistant plants.

Lawn & Garden: Landscape Plants Rated by Deer Resistance

The NYS cooperative extension service also had a lot of information, but I've misplaced the link. You can call your county branch for specific information about your area.

BTW a dog also works pretty well, but they don't like to be outdoors in NYS winters.

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