Best Planters for climbing plants?


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Best Planters for climbing plants?

I want to put up a trellis with climbing roses and /or passion flowers in an area without soil. What are the best outdoor planters for growth?
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IMO the materials used for planters (clay, plastic, ceramic, wood, etc.) doesn't make too much of a difference.

For climbing roses, I'd want to have a fairly low semi-stationary planter able to accomodate a 15 inch root ball. Be certain that there are drainage holes.
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Red clay or unglazed pots will dry out faster than a glazed or plastic pot.
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Use an unglazed (terra cotta) and you'll be watering a lot more. I don't like plastic in the garden. It always seems to look cheap and ugly to me. I would probably use wood. If you build them yourself you can make them the shape and size to best suit your needs. If I were to decide to go with something other than wood I would probably choose fiberglass. I've been using some for the last 3-4 years and so far they are holding up great.

I have planted tomatoes in half whiskey barrels and that worked well. I think roses would also do well in them. If I were to use them as planters again though I would add some moisture protection.

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