flowering tree is 75% dead


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flowering tree is 75% dead

i have an ornamental fruit tree that is almost dead and i would like to save it..the base stock is wild plum and a japanese crabapple was grafted onto it..i live in coastal south carolina, near charleston.

we have notoriously poor soils in my neighborhood - heavy, solid clay, w/ no organic material - and the tree was planted (by others) too deep..hence, it is dying a slow death..the tree is about 12 feet tall, with 10 or 12 branches, but only two branches are still alive..it just bloomed, japanese crabapple blooms, but only bloomed on a small section of those two branches..a truly ugly sight!..

i dug it up last weekend and carefully dug out a large rootball..i have put the tree in my compost pile and continue to water and feed it, trying to keep it alive.would like to replant it and trim the dead stuff off when the time is right later this fall..i marked the (apparently) live portions of the tree and intend to chop off the dead stuff.

any chance of saving it?..any suggestions?..fwiw, i've had pretty good success planting trees and shrubs here when i plant them high, leaving about 25% of the plant above ground and piling up good soil around them, mulch on top.
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I'd guess that the chances of saving it are slim, but it sounds like you really want to try and that is what make gardening worthwhile. Just think how good you'll feel if you suceed. Good luck.

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