orange tree dying,,, help


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orange tree dying,,, help

I bought an orange tree from Costco about a month and a half, planted it in my back yard, after a week, i noticed the leaves started to fall and wither, also no new growth has occured. Afraid it was dying, I rushed to Home Depot 2 weeks ago and bought what they suggested, citrus fertilizer stakes to help it feed and strenghten the tree, no difference is noticeable, almost lost all of the leaves from its upper half, i have been watering it every other day. Any help would be appreciated.
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You did not say where you live so I assume you are somewhere warm enough for an orange. I assume the leaf loss is just transplant and moving shock. I've never grown oranges buy my limes drop leaves if I look at them with an angry stare. Because they don't survive in my zone I have to put them in a greenhouse or bring them inside w/ artificial lighting for the winter. Every time I move them there are leaves on the floor for a month. The more dramatic the move the more leaves fall. Mine are in pots and moving from one location to another can cause them to drop half their leaves.

First, check the soil before watering. Stick your finger down into the ground around the tree. I only water when it is dry down to my fingertip. Over watering is a big killer of many plants and most plants can handle going without water better than being over watered.

I will fertilize a couple weeks before transplanting or moving a plant to build up it's strength for the move. After the move I wait at least a couple weeks for the plant to acclimate and grow some new roots before hitting it with fertilizer.

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