Poison Ivy!!!!


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Poison Ivy!!!!

I've just found it growing in the regular ivy along my property line. Is there any way to get rid of it without killing the surrounding plants? Does it have to be pulled by hand?
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Not a pro with poison Ivy, but I have enough of it. In areas where I don't care about other plants, I spray, usually round-up. In delicate areas, I paint. I use a bottle of liquid RU and a brush and apply the poison only to the leaves of the bad stuff. Repeat and repeat as needed. I haven't won the battle, but have managed to make the new shoots hard to find.

I have a neighbor who tried the pulling method and besides getting some on her, it all came back.

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Before deciding what to do, first see if you can trace it back to where it is growing from the ground. Look carefully at bark where you see it intermingled and perhaps it is distinctive (e.g., color, markings, etc.) from your regular ivy (I’m not familiar w/ that plant) so that you can identify it near ground level. If it can be identified, then it’s just a question as to how much is involved. If its only one or two plants, then digging those out may be least cost alternative . . . but if root systems are commingled, then you may damage the regular ivy by trying to dig them out.

If it starts to look like real work, then another alternative involves girdling the problem plants. I searched “how to girdle a tree”, and this was the first result shown Controlling Undesirable Trees, Shrubs, and Vines in Your Woodland, F-45-97. You can search out other info if you choose to.

You will need a herbicide that is used for heavy brush or killing trees. I prefer Garlon 4 (Remedy Ultra has same ingredients, and a bit cheaper). These probably are not viable options for you as they are expensive, and you probably only need a small amount (i.e., several ounces). My commercial wholesale dealer sells Garlon 4 in a 2-1/2 gal. jug, and it runs about $250 . . . sells Remedy Ultra in 1 gal jug for about $100 . . . these sizes would last you a lifetime unless you have a lot of land and invasive vegetation. If you know any arborists, park attendants, or environmental restoration personnel, they might give or sell you a small amount. Stalker and Bushwacker are other options but not as effective . . . try HD, Lesco, or local garden center and they may have a product that is sold in a small quantity. My solution is 50% Garlon 4 & 50% AGRI-DEX (penetrating oil used for basal cut of trees), and a small amount of blue dye (brand doesn’t matter) is added as it is helpful to see what has been treated if working in heavy brush. In your case, just apply undiluted if only doing a small number taking care not to miss any as you work down the line. Round-up works fine if applied to foliage . . . but doesn’t work well when translocating from cambium layer to roots.

When doing vines, I use a potato peeler to remove the “bark” (barely skin it back . . . about thickness of a fingernail . . . poison ivy has a very soft bark so it comes off easily). I prefer skinning back an area about 6” long as that allows more herbicide to be absorbed into the roots. I use a throw-away paint brush to “paint” the herbicide solution onto the exposed area. I would just let it die off . . . the leaves will first start yellowing after several days, and go brown within a week or two. If the look bothers you, then remove (untangle) the dead vine by cutting it into smaller pieces . . . if the sap has dried out, you should still play it safe by wearing gloves and long sleeve shirt if allergic to this plant (some people are, others are not).

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