Bags for storing/moving Pea Gravel?


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Question Bags for storing/moving Pea Gravel?

I need to move a large amount of pea gravel.

What type of bag(s) would I buy to store/move the gravel? What would I look for in the big box stores (i.e. is there a special name for the bags)?

Ideally this would be the same type of bags that the pea gravel comes in - something not too large (which would hold about 50 LBs of gravel) and very heavy duty. I can't put the stuff in regular garbage bags.

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Not going to find anything like that in a Box store. Start checking with feed stores, farms, horse boarding places, etc. Most bulk animal feed comes in woven poly bags that would prob work.
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I use 5 gallon buckets - plenty of uses for them again later
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Home Depot offers Husky Contractors’ Clean-Up Bags (42 gal.; 32/box; 3 Mil {3x thicker than garbage bags}). You would only use about 40% of bag for 50 lbs. It works out to a bit less than $0.50/bag.

If you’re near a store that services water systems, they probably throw away their used salt bags.

10 gal.-15 gal. nursery pots work well . . . just cut a piece of poly to plug drain holes at bottom . . . they’re stackable and can be moved w/ a hand cart. Some landscapers throw them away after doing their plantings, others glad to give them away.

Some people find it faster to lay down a tarp where it won’t kill grass, and move it by wheelbarrow.
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Thanks for the suggestions.

I am not sure what I'm going to do with the pea gravel, so I was hoping to actually store it in bags while I decide. If I decide to sell it or otherwise get rid of it, then it would be much easier to do already in bags.

I need to clear the area for a deck/patio installation. I guess I can always move it with my wheelbarrow to another section of the yard and let it sit in a pile for the time being.
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What's a large amount? A yard, 20 yards? Pea gravel is good for walkways and mulch.

Burlap bags if you can get them. I would try a feed store. If not the big contractor bags Rob mentioned would work.

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