Help for damaged bark on young tree???


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Help for damaged bark on young tree???

I accidentally ran into base of tree with mower. The wheel knocked about a 4" chunk of the bark off. What should I do to protect the open spot where the bark came off? thanks for your help.
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There will be a natural response from the tree to seal the wound if the cambium layer underneath the bark was damaged. There will probably be some permanent disfigurement although less so with a young tree as the trunk widens with time. Years ago when cutting tree branches w/ a chain saw, a common reaction was to seal the cut with a wound seal ‘paint’ specifically made for this purpose. It’s be found that this ‘paint ’ inhibits the natural response of the tree to seal the wound itself.

A better practice would be to create an appropriate sized circle around this tree w/ a glyphosate product such as Roundup to eliminate need to drive over roots of tree w/ a riding mower or weed whack around it.
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Ya, I like to mulch around the trees in the yard because it cuts down on mowing and weed eating

As long as the missing bark isn't all the way around, a healthy tree will repair itself.

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