Garden Hose Types Questions ?


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Garden Hose Types Questions ?


It seems that the normal plastic/vinyl garden hoses get made cheaper and cheaper each year.
Usually, in years past, it was at the fittings that started to leak on mine first.
The ones I bought this year actually split and "blew out" along the length. Two of them ! At least there is good "quality-control," I guess.

So, I'm thinking of perhaps trying one of the rubber type of garden hoses. Saw a black rubber hose by Goodyear; a bit pricey.
-Do the rubber ones typically last longer ?
-Are they harder to coil up ?
-Heavier ?
-etc. ?

What are the pros and cons of vinyl/plastic vs. rubber garden hoses ?

Thoughts on would be most appreciated.

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Quality rubber hoses are most certainly going to be a bit heavier that a vinyl one but will be an investment that you will have for years.
Vinyl are very cheap to buy but the annual cost to own one will be much higher than a good one.

I have a 5/8" id, 100' rubber hose that I've owned for over fifteen years and used commercially.
It would be in 100% original condition had I not run over it with my riding lawnmower!
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Boy do I know what you're talking about. I now buy Contractor's hoses. They are expensive and very heavy but the first one I bought is now in it's 5th year of use and I have had no problem with it. I now have four of them. This is the first year in about twenty that I have not had to buy a hose.
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A few years ago I bought a lifetime guaranteed rubber hose from sears. The main reason I went with lifetime warranty is because the cheaper hoses kink up easily and then break where the kinks are. The new hose still kinks but I do live a lot higher than the water meter and have low water pressure - I guess that might play a part in the kinking.
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You get what you pay for - there's a reason the vinyl hoses are cheaper

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