how to deal with ivy remnants?


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how to deal with ivy remnants?

House we bought had an overgrowth of ivy in the backyard. The whole fence and about 200 sq feet of backyard was covered in ivy. We spent the painful time of removing most of it. We still got a lot of roots to take out. I'm not sure how Ivy works but it seems to take root often and seems impossible to remove 100% by hand.

We cleared out a nice rectangular area and are in the process of moving some plants there. The question is, if we miss some of the ivy roots, will the ivy comeback and make weeding that much harder? IF so how can we stop this? Do we need to mulch and what type of mulch? We live in Southern new york.

Next we plan to clean out the rest of the yard that had ivy, which is where the lawn grows. Again, how do we insure that the ivy doesn't come back? Is planting sod good enough? There is actually some grass already growing. I am not sure if its good grass... it sort of grows horizontally instead of growing vertically like a normal lawn. We have that type of grass sprinkled throughout the yard, but it is definitely a minority. Except in the area where the ivy used to be.
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I'd kill the ivy with Roundup before I started pulling it - can't come back if it's dead

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