Sick Cactus


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Sick Cactus

I've got a cactus plant which appears to be suffering from some kind of blight. The pads are withering, turning yellow and there are grayish spots on them. Any ideas?
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Well, working with what limited information I have here, it sounds like your cactus is rotting; but maybe you could provide some further information: what kind of cactus is it; where are the symptoms occurring on the plant; how often are you watering it; etc.?

An example of cactus rot, for reference:
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Just a note about something I read a looooong time ago about cactus. Find a place where it grows naturally...check the weather there...if it rains...water it...

Though I'm still learning...I know almost every desert plant problem seems to be related to temps, sun and water....of course I guess that's all plants, right?

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