Starting grapes off cuttings


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Starting grapes off cuttings

In Colorado and buying the house next door to the one I rent and would like to take cuttings off the grapes that I have loved so much here to start in my new yard. Doing some major remodeling and wont be able to prepare a place for them to grow until spring. How will they do in pots? Indoors? Is rooting powder necessary? I read somewhere you can dip the ends in cinnamon before placing in dirt. Has anyone tried this?
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I often use the shotgun method of starting plants to cover all my bases especially if I don't know what woks best for a particular plant. I'll put a half dozen cuttings in a jar with water and another half dozen get rooting hormone and planted in potting soil. Since you will be right next door you can also try digging a shallow hole next to the plant and bend a branch over and bury a section in the middle of the branch. You may need a rock, brick or stakes to keep the branch from springing up. Quite often roots will sprout where the branch is buried. I let the new roots get established then I cut the branch from the parent plant, wait a month for the started plant to adjust to living on it's own, then transplant the new plant.

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