egg shells and coffee ect.


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egg shells and coffee ect.

I have a bin I put all my kitchen waste in veggie coffee egg shells ect. No meat or anything like it. Just the veggie matter.
I understand it does take a while for all to break down, but can I just add all of this to my garden then till in this summer or should I put it else where until it all breaks down????
I would be putting corn and some beans and squash in the area...
Thanks for any help...
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I've always kept a compost pile next to my garden and would scatter and plow most of it under in the fall. I'm not sure it would be a good idea to add it to the soil in the spring if it isn't mostly composted....... but I'm far from being an expert it in this matter
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I'd suggest a compost pile as well

I'd have to look to find out where it is but there's a sticky on one of the forums about this
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A compost pile will convert those items to usable soil much faster than being tilled in as they are. It has been a long time, but we always had three compost piles and rotated them so the older got turned in and the new material went to the newest pile. We used a lot of leaves and leftover garden plants so found 3 years would usually take care of everything.

If you want a natural shot of nitrogen, plant some sunflowers in with your other garden plants. They are nitrogen producers and we always found the areas around them generated the best plants.

Happy gardening,
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My grandmother used to just bury everything in the garden but I prefer to compost.

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