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Tulip Rookie

I want to plant a fairly large tulip bed for next Spring though I haven't had the best of luck w/tulips over the years.

A few questions:

1. To date most of the tulips we've planted have been ones that we picked up at local grocery stories, typically around Easter. Are there better strains that grow better than those typically sold at local stores? Nursery or Wholesale? I know the roses bushes we planted from a Specialist Rose Nursery are heads and tails better than the ones we got from Walmart... specially the ones recommended for our climate conditions.

2. Does anyone have any recommendations where to buy good tulips on bulk?

3. When is the best time of the year to plant a new tulip bed?

Thanks for the help....


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Here's a site intended for kids but it has some very good tulip basics. Over the years I have planted hundreds of tulips. I always bought them at a nursery/garden store and not at the grocery.

I don't plant tulips anymore. I got tired of sharing them with mice.
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You admire tulips in the spring, you plant tulips in the fall.
All of your home centers will have them out and available in late summer.

(tulips, crocuses, hyacynth, allium, etc, are all fall planted)

Fall Bulb Planting | DoItYourself.com

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