Bayberry expert needed


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Bayberry expert needed

We have a row of bayberry, aka wax myrtles, across the front of the front yard. Lost two of them to hard freezes two winters ago and replaced those two. Also had some partial loss on a couple of others this last winter, same reason. Fast forward to this year. Several weeks ago I noticed some leaves going brown on one of the bushes. This is now occuring on at least two of the others. All of this is on the biggest, most well-established ones. They look for all the world like they are slowly dying. Used to have a nice, fairly even shrub row across the front, now looking a little ugly and will get worse if the two or three that are browning end up dying; they're more or less in the middle of the row. Will end up having to prune survivors down to the height of replacement plants which will be couple of feet. Any help greatly appreciated.

FWIW, this started shortly after our road was repaved, but I can't imagine there's a connection. Ground level where the bushes are is about 2' above the level of the road and they're about 25' horizontally from the road edge. Been very dry lately also, but I've been running a sprinkler in the front yard once a week that also catches the bushes.
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I know next to nothing about bayberries, but maybe the roots were damaged, or something was sprayed, intense heat from the machinery, heat from hot pavement.

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