Help identifying bush/tree


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Help identifying bush/tree

I have a friend who has asked for help identifying a tree or bush in her yard. She brought me a twig from it and it looks like a bush to me. Below you will find two pictures. The leaves are elliptical in shape. They have smooth edges. About half of them are perfectly elliptical while the others have slight "protrusions", almost like tiny spikes, though they aren't sharp and at first I overlooked them entirely. The tip is rounded. Where the leaf connects to the branch/twig, theres a tiny round sphere of some sort. It's like that on every leaf. The branch, though short is VERY sturdy/stiff.

I'm sorry about the size of the following images, I'm not sure how to make them smaller.

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Welcome to the forums! It looks like a type of holly. Are there any red berries on it? Not 100% indicative, but helps. Now, it can be a bush or a tree. I have both growing within 20 feet of each other. Hang in there. More educated people than me will chime in here with better information. Oh, pix are just fine. At least they weren't macros the size of a postage stamp
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It looks like Holly to me, too. My neighbor has one, but I'm not sure if it's a tree or a bush. It's pretty big and looks more like a tree.
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Mine are more thorny on the points, but that could be the species. Just ask the side of my face. I was cutting grass the other day and mine attacked me without provocation One disadvantage of a ZTR. You can't let go of the handlebars to move things out of your way. You just duck.

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