Problems With Burning Bush


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Problems With Burning Bush

I planted four of these and the two in the middle do not appear as healthy as the two on the end. This may be because the ground is saturated by too much rain. When I dug the hole for the middle troubled plants, the holes were much wetter then the others and I can see water collecting at the bottom. So I added some soil and place the plants in. I added some granular fertilizer and liquid fertilizer on top and am afraid to add anymore. If they managed to survive the winter, what can I do to help improve the situation?
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Adding the soil isn't necessarily going to take care of the water table, and be careful adding feeding supplements this time of year. Transplanting of certain plants should only take place in the winter when they are dormant. You may want to change locations for next year.
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I will see what happens next Spring. Right now, areas along the east coast have received more rain this year then I can ever remember and perhaps next year, we may get normal rainfall. If the two shrubs do not make it, I'll look into either replacing them or go with another type of shrub that likes a lot of water.
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Is there any way you can arrange the soil to drain better?
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The area where the bush's are located is already on steeper slope then the rest of my backyard. The ground is saturated from all the excess rain we been getting this year. My backyard water runoff seems to be centered towards these two burning bushes. All the water that is still underground is still seeping towards the steeper slope.
Also the steeper slope area is not even my property. It is located behind my fence line. It belongs to the township and it used to be a jungle of weeds and vines and it was a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Being as they were not taking care of it, I decided to do it myself at my expense. I do not think adding a drainage pipe will help that much to make it worth it. I would need two of them and I already spent enough money.
Once the weather settles down and we get normal rainfall, should solve the problem.
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might help

the east coast definitely has been getting a lot of rain. one side effect is reduced ability for plants to take up nutrients. make sure you are feeding the plants at half strength (since they're already stressed).

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