my pansies are not doing well..any ideas?


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my pansies are not doing well..any ideas?

i live in coastal south carolina and recently planted pansies (in pots)and snapdragons for some cool weather color..but several pansies have just shrivelled and died..other pansies in the same (large) pots are doing well..i used a liquid bloom booster fertilizer when i planted them and have watered them lightly, just enough to keep them moist..some are in 3/4 sun, some in 1/2 sun and a few in 1/3 sun..that doesn't seem to have made any most cases, i pulled out summer flowers, de-rooted the pots, and planted in the same soil..i'm no expert gardener, but i usually manage to have healthy flowers..and i don't usually plant pansies because i have always had trouble keeping them alive..what's the secret to healthy pansies?
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Hmmm... could it be the sun? if a few get 1/3 sun, in my experience, that would definitely affect their growth.

Also you can try watering them less. Liquid bloom booster may be the incorrect fertilizer, as if you have just planted them, they will need somthing that helps them grow, rather than bloom.

Hope it helps, but as usual, difficult to account for whats going on over the keyboard!
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Not an authority, but I don't think they like a lot of fertilizer or a lot of water. Maybe stop giving the fertilizer and let the soil dry a little between waterings?
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thanks for responses..i think there's sufficient sun..they are supposed to be ok in part sun..those in the 1/3 sun are violas and i think they are pretty shade tolerant..the nursery wher i bought 'em suggested using a "starter" fertilizer, which i presumed was essentially the same as the bloom booster..but most are doing ok, just a few struggling..wondered if it might be from re-using potting soil from the summer..didn't wanna waste for watering, i only water lightly, and every other snaps like daily water, but i knew pansies needed less..don't quite let 'em get dry, but almost..

btw - i love that red adair comment..he is/was a hoot..thx again.
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Bloom Booster doesn't sound like starter fertilzer to me; I agree you may have used the wrong one.

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