starting the garden


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starting the garden

I live in northern wisconsin and I'd like to start a garden this year. Do you think it's to early to start green peppers and other vegi. Since we have had a mild winter so far I was thinking mybe I could get the garden in earlyer then norm. Any thouights.
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No, it's too early. Around mid May is the earliest, even with a mild winter. There are some things that can be planted early tho. Can't think of them at the moment, but will get back to you later on that.
FYI, the cold and probably some snow is coming our way around mid to end of February. This mild weather is just a teaser.
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Yes, too early. I'm in Nebraska and thought the same thing last year. My seedlings (under grow lights part of the day) still got lanky and then when i finally planted them they did not take off for a few weeks while they recovered.

imo its very important to time it just right so that you can transplant the seedlings at just the right time so that they keep the growth momentum going. otherwise you have stunted plants. Wait until Mar 1.
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March will be too early for peppers.

I found this chart for you. Pretty similar to my area.
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Much too early for northern WI.

In a month or so you can start some plants in pots in the house, but they will lanky.

Tomatoes and peppers can be planted very deeply when it gets warm and then they will develop a good system eventually. Tomatoes can be planted horizontally to get even more root development.

I always buy one big tomato plant at a nursery every year to look at and hope it gets hot enough soon enough for an early yield.

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I agree with everyone so far. It's much too early. Even though the weather has been very mild in the east this winter as soon as your plants got an inch out of the ground you'll get a hard freeze and kill them. In your location you have no reason to rush things. In the south we have to get some things in the ground as early as possible to get them to mature before it gets too hot but in northern WI just plant when everyone has recommended and your garden should do well.

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