Need help or a rabbit will eat my yard...


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Need help or a rabbit will eat my yard...

I've had a rabbit living in my yard for about two or three years! This winter he really went wild. two year old blueberry bushes are chomped off, a fig branch with the same angled cut and just today I noticed a small azalea met the same fate!! Does any rabbit repellant work and if not what are my options? Are they easy to trap? If I feed it something else will it stay away from my plants? HELP!! I'm in TN zone 7a.
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Rabbits are succulent! You can make a simple rabbit trap, rid your yard of the rabbit, and have a nice supper all at once. If you're not into that, plant low growing marigolds on the edge of your planting area. They look nice and rabbits avoid them like the plague. You may have something other than a rabbit, however, as I have never seen a rabbit eat an azalea. Deer???
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No deer. One of the employees at a local nursery said she had a rabbit eat her azalea too but didn't have much advice. What kind of trap is simple? I've used those big metal ones before but never caught anything.
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On one Ask This Old House show I watched once Roger Cook helped a homeowner out with deer and used a pepper spray. You can get it premixed at your local nursery or you can mix it up yourself and then use a large sprayer for larger areas. Not sure about rabbits but I know it works great for dear they can't stand the taste of the spray. It of course will not kill the rabbit but will sure make it think twice about eating your plants.

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