Rotting Peaches on the tree

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Rotting Peaches on the tree

We just moved to a new house that have several fruit trees. One of them is a peach tree. 2 weeks ago, the peaches were green and have little black spots in some of them. But today I looked at them again, and mostly have big black spots (like animal's bite) and all rotten.

Does anyone has the idea what it is and how to deal with it? I am completely new with gardening. Anything would help.

Below I attach some pictures so you can see the appearance of the peach.

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Actually a bit of a tough call from the pics. I'd like to see more fruit in a couple stages. This link should help you out. I commonly have trouble with Brown Rot on my peaches beacause I have a fair amount of Red Cedars on my property and in the area. Brown rot actually breeds on the cedars and the spores get carried to the fruit trees.
WVU-KTFREC Peach Fruit Disease Images
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The peach in the photo looks like it may have split or gotten damaged by insects and the stuff on it is sap that leaked out and dried up. It still look perfectly edible if you remove that gummy stuff. Underneath the gummy stuff is a scar or weakness on the fruit that is probably common to organic fruit and also looks normal. I have some peach trees in a suburban lot and the worst I've seen are tiny maggots left by some flies that rot the fruit on the inside, and they can ruin the majority of peaches on the trees. I have been using a combination of liquid hot sauce and soap (4oz & 1/2tbsp. resp. to 1gal. water) which seem to help some and is organically apealing. Peaches are labor intensive in that I have to repeat the spraying, in my area, a week to 10 days because of rain, which also causes high humidity which might cause brown rot, when the fruit turns brown and dries right on the stem(actually I am suspicious that this is caused by wasps feeding on them - they make a small hole in the fruit and it spreads to a large round rotted spot-they also feed on pears ). I end up gathering and picking the rotted ones and burying them in a natural area of the garden.

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