Random dead cedar trees


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Random dead cedar trees

Not really sure what to do with these trees, or really what happen to them.
What I have is three small cedar trees (about 3ft tall) that have gone from green to completely brown (rust).The previous owner had planted them (assuming last year) as some still have the tags on them.
One tree is in a row of trees separating my yard from the church next door. It's in the middle, with perfectly green trees on either side of it.
The other two are beside each other in the front of the yard, with a perfectly green cedar on either side of this pair.

The two trees in the front got regular watering along with the grass during our month and change of dry weather, and the trees in the back didn't (I don't have enough hose or well water for the back yard).

Any thoughts as to what I can do with these almost dead trees?

The cedar trees I had at my previous house where wild trees (transplanted by myself from the bush). Plant them and forget them, they'd grow anywhere.
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Pull or dig one out and look at the root ball. Did a critter gnaw all the roots? Did the roots grow in a circle instead of out and down? Scratch or cut the trunk and see if it is brown or green or a combo of both. Did the brown (or is it orange) start at the top? Take corpse to a nursery for autopsy.
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I'm actually thinking I may remove/relocate the trees in the front yard (what isn't dead) and replace or really cut back the hedges.
With the research I have been doing on my old place, I'm liking the looks the front yard had back in 1979, with very clean and simple hedging.
The 1979 photo can be found in this thread; http://www.doityourself.com/forum/ge...y-my-home.html

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