Ortho ground clear safe for water well?


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Ortho ground clear safe for water well?

I have a gravel driveway I would like to kill all the weeds/grass growing in it. I have used round up but as you can guess, week later it's all back (I live in southern Louisiana). Well I have a water well ~200 feet deep and about 100 feet away from the driveway....is ortho ground clear safe for the water well? I also herd about mixing salt + vinnegar + dish soap....would this work as well?

Looking for any advice really on something to sterilize the soil but won't contaminate my water well at the same
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I don't know if Ortho Ground Clear (formerly called Triox) is safe that close to your well but I do know that it won't keep your gravel driveway clear. I have a gravel path alongside my concrete driveway and I have found NOTHING that will keep the grass and weeds from growing. I have used Round Up, Ortho products, Lily Miller products, vinegar and rock salt and the grass and weeds come back in a few months.

I want to scrape all the gravel back, try salting the ground thoroughly, laying landscape fabric and then a layer of gravel but my health has prevented this from happening as of late.
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I did a walkway from our driveway out back to the deck. Dug down 3", placed landscape cloth in it and covered it to level with the edges with pea gravel. Nice. No grass or weeds, except those that try to travel over it. Driveways would be another animal.
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I think the trouble with most preventive herbicides is they work by forming a barrier on top of the soil that prevents germination. In a gravel driveway or path the ground is buried under quite a bit of stone so when you spray you're treating the stone on the surface but leaving the soil underneath untreated. I find that concrete works well at preventing weeds. Just apply a 4in thick layer over your driveway and it should keep most weeds at bay though you still have to keep an eye on the control joints so don't throw away your glyphosate.
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You could try a weed torch (which runs on propane). I use it for our gravel paths, and it works well. Just have someone with a hose running just in case. You could also wet the weeds before using the torch; the torch steams them instead of burning them. I don't know how long your driveway is, but as long as you're careful, a weed torch could work.
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Vinegar is pretty cheap, I would either dig up and re-do the driveway as mentioned (though not necessarily Dane's concrete suggestion ), spray vinegar from a pump sprayer on a regular basis or cease worrying about the weeds.

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