The trees in my yard are dying


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The trees in my yard are dying

Hi everyone,

I live near Tampa, Florida and have a bunch of what i believe are scrub oaks on my property. I'm not sure if that's the actual name, but that seems to be what most people call them. Since we moved to this property two years ago, i've lost four trees and this one is on its way out too. Most of them have had or have the green fungus on them, and i'm not sure if that's what's killing them, or if they are just reaching the end of their life cycle. I have a couple in the backyard that are much larger than the ones that have died. If anyone has any idea how i can stop/prevent this from happening, i would greatly appreciate their input.

Thank you,


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Thanks for the links. I'll have to do some investigation, as i think i may have both. If the ones in the front yard are Live Oaks, then they must be really young as the trunks are not big at all. They do have the wide meandering branches, though. I have others-most of the ones that have died-that don't have the wide canopy like the ones in the first picture.
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That unpleasant green fungus developing on your oak tree's bark is in fact lichen, which is a combination of fungi and algae. The lichen's occurrence suggests that your environment is free from pollutants. Lichen won't damage your oak tree, but it does reveal poor foliage cover, since sun stimulates lichen growth.

If you want to remove it you can check out this link which might be helpful!

How to Rid Oak Trees of Green Fungus |

Good luck!

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