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Anyone able to shed some light on type of privacy shrub/tree to go with?

Anyone able to shed some light on type of privacy shrub/tree to go with?


Old 02-27-13, 04:35 PM
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Anyone able to shed some light on type of privacy shrub/tree to go with?

So I'm wanting to look at putting up some privacy shrubs/trees in the backyard. We have a 'normal' height wall but I want more privacy as the wall borders a street.

All I really want is a nice, green looking privacy wall without too much headache - yeah I know, get in line.

I've attached a picture of the front and back of the wall as it curves (where Oaks provide shade at times of the day).


1) The ground is sloping upwards (shouldn't matter?)
2) The ground is covered in ivy (shouldn't matter?)
3) Area doesn't always have full sun
4) We have morning frost during winter

I've had a couple guys come out and one suggested going with Texas Privet (I think it might also be called Wax Leaf Privet?) due to the conditions above.

He said it would deal better with the frost and doesn't need full sun. Two others he suggested were Carolina Cherry hedge and Ligustrum.

My problem (and concern) is that I don't know one shrub from another and which is my best option. I try to Google these but I'm unable to get a good picture for my issues.


1) Is the Texas Privet (or the two others) very invasive? I know they all grow fast but I suppose I want that for a hedge...
2) We have high winds via the Santa Ana's and with the uncovered pool, I don't want leaves and flower petals all over the place - Do any of these shed too much?
3) I've read the Privet has flowers that attract a number of bees but given where these will be placed, should that be a concern?

He estimate it would take 37 15-gallon plants to cover this wall.

Any other trees or shrubs I might want to consider for the Los Angeles area?

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Old 02-27-13, 04:51 PM
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I would look here... I have used them in the past. I have appletrees and grape vines from them.

You may get ideas.

Privacy Hedge, Shrubs and Trees | Fast Growing Trees

Also some of the shrubs are pretty large....

Privacy Hedge, Shrubs and Trees | Fast Growing Trees

I would add some color. Red twig dogwood, purple wisteria....etc...

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I'll only add one thing, that ivy is invasive and it will take over everything. It will climb the trees and can eventually kill them. If I were you I would do everything in my power to get rid of it.
Old 02-28-13, 10:36 AM
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Thanks for the links.

Furd, I know what you're saying. I hate it, trust me.

Problem is we need something similar to it since we have a sloping backyard slope at the points in the picture and it help swith errosion, etc. Also it helps hide all the leafs that fall from the oak trees, but yeah I hate it so much.

It's a huge job to remove it all and even more to ensure the roots are completely killed everywhere.

The previous home owner is the original owner and he's had the ivy since the start is my understanding and for whatever reason in the few years we've lived here, it's not tried to clumb the trees, etc. (yet).

I'm told it's not a bad idea to trim it to the ground (mulch it?) every few years or it can grow tall but it seems to me it reaches this peak point where it's at now and just kind of stays there.

But yeah, man I hate ivy.
Old 03-03-13, 05:21 AM
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If you could ever get rid of the ivy, a low growing juniper makes a good ground cover and doesn't climb on trees. That or poinson oak........nevermind. That's what I have in abundance on our acreage. You cut it and it grows faster it seems.
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Keep in mind that if you plant a hedge right next to the wall it will be next to impossible to do any maintenance on the wall itself.
Is the wall painted? Stone or wood.
Here's my suggestions:
Consider painting it green. Or, better yet, contact local art schools to see if students would paint a green mural; like topical plants, parrots, etc...
Old 03-25-13, 10:05 AM
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pmbach: welcome to the forums.

Just a clarification - the original question was to increase the privacy beyond what the wall was providing, not hide the wall.

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