Tordon PELLETS ?


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Tordon PELLETS ?

I bought a box of Tordon Pellets several years ago. I know how restricted this product is and use with EXTRENE CAUTION.
I knew it was serious stuff when I had to obtain an applicator license to purchase it
As stated it is several years old and I have not used it for a few years. It has been stored in a controlled environment and the box was just closed up.
I did a Google search for the shelf life of Tordon PELLETS and could not find any information
Does anyone know the approximate shelf life. Mine has to be 20 years old
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Maybe we are looking at different things...what I find says it basically hasn't been produced since around 1985-87....but that it's not all that toxic. It does persist quite a while and can work it's way to groundwater. Doesn't require any special precautions according to the MSDS

Since it's basically a potassium salt I'd imagine it is still good. It said it is basically broken down by microbes in the soil but it can take a long time.
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Well ---I guess time gets away--most likely it's that OLD !!
THANKS for the link, that's exactly what I could not find.
What I meant by ---serious stuff---is that it states on the directions that it can be active for up to 3 years. Also, it advises to let livestock feed in an untreated pasture for at least 6 days before grazing them in areas that have desired plants. Urine and manure from animals will harm or destroy sensitive plants. By that, I would guess it's serious, and I try not to take any herbicide or pesticide lightly.

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