Poison Ivy - Selective Herbicide?


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Poison Ivy - Selective Herbicide?

I have quite a bit of poison ivy along the tree line in my backyard and it is creeping into my lawn. I've encountered it's wrath at least two times during mowing and would like to get rid of it. However, it is amongst an abundance of other species of ivy which I do not want to kill off. Is there an herbicide that will selectively kill poison ivy without harming surrounding vegetation?
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Unless your poison ivy was genetically engineered to work with herbicides you are ouuta luck.

A suggestion would be to either gown up and selectively cut out the offending plants or use Roundup to eliminate all the ivy and start from scratch.
You could temporarily transplant some of the wanted plants then replant after all the ivy is gone.
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I agree with Greg, either remove the individual poison ivy plants or dig up some of the ivy you want to keep and kill the rest! whichever method is easiest
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The surrounding plants are wild ivy and covers the entire ground, so I don't want to damage it. Looks like I'll be pulling them by hand.
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My SIL tried for years to eradicate an invasion of poison ivy with almost zero luck. She was able to keep in from spreading, but never able to eliminate it. When you pull it out, some of the roots remain.

Is there any delay between the pi and the other plants where an early application of a herbicide might be more effective on one variety than another?

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We, too, have an invasion of PI as well as honeysuckle. Wife is organic and cringes any time I mention chemicals. I did contact Scott's who makes Roundup and their indication is that it is sprayed on a plant, it affects only that plant and cannot travel to other plants through the soil. Death is within 24 hours.
Now, I have to convince her. She stays eat up with rashes from clearing the PI by hand. I have absolutely no sympathy for her, but will use the Roundup with her blessings.

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