Bugs on my cherry tree


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Angry Bugs on my cherry tree

I've been told they are Black Aphids and they're all over the tree. How do I get rid of them? The tree is about 20 feet tall and it looks like they're at the ends of most of the branches where new leaves are growing. Would it be best to call in a pro to take care of this or is it something I could do myself?

I'd like to get rid of them before the Japanese Beetles move in in the next month or so!
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High population of bugs are not good for trees. They cause harm to trees. Various organic materials are available in market which help you to kill bugs. Some of them are-

1. Spinosad- It is used to kill bugs. It is like a nerve and stomach poison for bugs. It's biodegradable.

2. Pyriproxyfen- It helps in reducing the larvae emerging number.

3. Narrow Range Oils- These are made up of Petroleum and vegetable oils and kill the bugs by smothering them.
I hope it helped.
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We got lucky with the aphids. Walked out there one morning and found hundreds of Lady Bugs had moved in and there were also hundreds of the young bugs happily munching away on the aphids. They were a welcome site and the tree is now virtually aphid free.

Now all it has to survive are the Japanese Beetles due here any time now!
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Lucky you tranch.....I don't think we have ladybugs out here. I occasionally get a whitefly problem on my pomegranates and try to just hope for a horde of lacewings to eat 'em. Apparently the small preying mantis' we have aren't interested.

Natural predators are the absolute best pest control. Thats why I try to avoid killing any spiders I find.

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