Vining plants fungus


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Vining plants fungus

I have a real problem with my vine plants -cantaloupe, watermelon/squash.

The first year I used this garden spot everything went well with everything, but the last ten years, the vines all die. They grow pretty well during the first half of the season, then get brown edges on the leaves as well as brown spots. Then in late summer, with the fruit about 3/4 stage, the vines die.

Everything else grows well there, just the vines die. I've moved them around to different places in the gardening area (about 80' X 80', but they still die out. This year I moved the vines clear out of the normal garden - about fifty feet away and the vines are doing the same thing.

Any suggestions,

Appreciate it.
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You might have borer beetles.
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Thanks Pilot.

It seems like this thing fits the description of a root wilt. Now the vines are starting to die, right on schedule as they have in the past.

They say there is chemical for it, but local garden shops can't come up with it.

It's just the vines, though. Everything else in the garden is doing very well.
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You need worm and caterpillar spray.... Those plants are subject to those little yellow larvae then beetles... The larvae eat the leaves... This will kill them after they eat sprays leaves..

Basically spray with BT...product : Worm & Caterpillar Control 16oz Pint Organic : Pest Controlling Insects : Patio, Lawn & Garden

Look in the leaves for these critters...

HGIC 2207 Cucumber, Squash, Melon & Other Cucurbit Insect Pests : Extension : Clemson University : South Carolina

I also mix the bt with this for fungus and mites... : Organocide - Quart : Neem Oil Organic Pesticide : Patio, Lawn & Garden

This give the bt a better ability to stick to the leaves...

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