Kill Weeds But Not Perennials


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Kill Weeds But Not Perennials

We've battled the weeds in our multiple flower beds both summers since we bought our house and we don't seem to be getting anywhere. Without weeding 2-3 times a week the beds become overgrown with weeds. And don't get me started on the ivy...

I believe the "nuclear option" would be to just get a tiller and start over with landscaping fabric to control the weeds in the future, but there are a lot of really nice perennial flowers that we don't want to lose.

Other than that option is there any chemical or treatment that will kill the weeds without hurting the perennials that have popped up these past summers. We've tried using Preen after weeding, but it only delays the weeds for a little while and it is too expensive to use as often as we are needing to.

We are completely new at gardening so if we are searching for a magic solution that doesn't exist, just let me know. Thanks,
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Got to pull them out by the roots, just snipping off the tops does nothing.
Weed block is useless, just makes pulling the weeds out harder.
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Maybe something like Preen to at least stop the ones popping up from seed. It won't help with grass running into it or coming up from roots.

Edited to Add: Didn't realize you mentioned Preen, but like I did mention, it will only work if they are coming back from seed. You may also want to try treating the grass with weed killer since that could be the source of the problem and/or mowing it more often. Whatever you do, don't let the mower blow the clippings into the garden which will carry seeds into it as well. Those things may not solve the problem, but may reduce it.

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