wisteria attack!!!! Help!!


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We are being over run with Wisteria! When we moved into our house 10 years ago we had a rickety trellis with THICK Wisteria growing on it and also some growing on other parts of our property. (Also our house was empty for a few years befor we moved in so the Wisteria had time to do what it wanted to.) We tore out the Wisteria but it has grown ALL OVER our property and spread to the adjacent wooded lots. It got so thick it is actually pulling down trees not to mention choking them. Every year we try to tear out more but it just keeps coming back. It got into my beloved honeysuckle last year and is gaining on it. We've lost beautiful Lilac bushes along with other plants from this vine. I'm very concerned since it got into my honeysuckle Can anyone tell me how to be rid of this destructive vine without harming surrounding plants? I'd sure like to put my size 8 up the former owners you know what.


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Yeesh. I'm so sorry you're under attack! Wisteria is pretty, but boy can it get out of hand.

If I were in your shoes, this is what I'd do. Cut the wisteria vines off near the base with a saw. Paint/coat the cut bases with Roundup (being careful not to get it on your other plants). You will have to watch for resprouts; keep hitting it with Roundup as needed.

As for the rest of the vines, cut off/clear away what you can, but don't pull too much on your trees. You are going to have to wait, I'm afraid, for time to take it's course and weaken the now dead vines before they will let go. But at least it won't leaf out and shade your trees, or continue to grow all over them in the meantime.

I'm curious - where do you live? Wisteria goes nuts in the south; not so much so in the north.

If you like the look of Wisteria, consider the species I recommended to zone7 in a post about a week ago. It's native and doesn't become so invasive.
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Hi Leu,

I live in Southern New Jersey. I'm concidered zone 7 but occasionaly we are 6. (I'm on the border) I believe Wisteria is banned in our state but I'm not sure. I tried to do a search about banned plants in our state but I can't find any info. on the net yet. (I thought if they banned it they should know how to get rid of it)I also heard certain species of Butterfly Bush is banned here but I don't know who to contact to find out. My info came from someone that doens't know the facts but has plenty of advise(lol).

Yes, I totally agree that Wisteria is beautiful, especially while in bloom and the sun comes out after it rains. It looks like you're standing in a Monet painting. The vines are so lovely that I've used them for a rod for tab top drapery. I really do enjoy seeing it, I just wish it was contained. Sadly, my attempts at "containing" it just caused it to spread more. One part of me can't wait to see/smell it bloom but the other part cringes at more chopping and sawing.

Thank you for your suggestion. We were cutting it close to the base but it re-sprouted quickly. Hopefully the roundup will finish the job. I especially like the suggestion to paint it on. One year we cut yet another ton down and tossed it into a pile thinking it could be used for compost. What a mistake! It grew from the pile!!! If I could just get my other plants to grow like that......

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