Lawn over garden...


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Lawn over garden...

We had an old, very established, large garden filled with rose bushes and other perennials. We hired out a landscaper who bobcatted the entire thing out and put in a load of soil then laid sod. It looked fine for a few months - now it looks like many of the perennials are coming up through the sod.

Does anyone know the easiest way to kill everything except the grass?

Thanks for all comments!
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I pour RoundUp into a cup and use a brush to 'paint' the leaves of plants I want to remove without harming the grass in the process. That's assuming there are too many to just pull them by hand.
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you could just keep cutting them at ground level as they come up, sooner or later they should die off, as mitch said though roundup is the quickest way to kill them off.
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Jim has a good idea - mowing should resolve this in time, depends on how long you can wait. Didn't dawn on me when I wrote my initial response but I have used this method as well.
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There are also broad leaf herbicides that will kill many weeds while leaving the grass untouched, just make sure you know what grass you have before applying any chemicals. My parents neighbors killed their entire lawn by applying the incorrect weed-n-feed.
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Vinegar kills grass as well, it is not selective.

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