Grass wall


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Grass wall

I'm looking at opening a small cafe and would like to have a real grass wall as a feature. Any advice or tips on where to get one?, how to maintain it?, can I grow herbs on it aswel?
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I think an herb wall might be easier. I have tried growing fescue & rye grass in various containers & orientations and was surprised at how difficult it was. Germination and getting it to a certain point was no problem but the plants are strongly oriented by gravity. The roots want to go down and the green part wants to go up. Change the orientation of the sun to up and it gets even more difficult.

I never had great success but I did learn that soil depth matters. I first assumed that grass would have very shallow roots but was surprised when roots were quickly growing out the bottom of my 12" deep containers. And, I would not even consider attempting it indoors unless you are willing to spend a fortune on artificial lighting.

If trying to do a vertical grass wall I don't think I would fight mother nature. Construct frames that can be pivoted and moved as needed. Let the grass grow naturally most of the time with the ground horizontal and the sun above. Then rotate the frames vertically.

Grass is everywhere but don't take it for granted as being easy. Billion dollar stadiums roll the grass field outside to let it grow naturally like Mother Nature intended. Other plants like strawberries would be much easier.

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