shady vines


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i am looking for a vine to grow up my chimney that recieves partial shade. i've looked through all my books and catalogues and i'm having no luck. if it helps, the shade is tree shade coming from tall pine trees- which also make my soil slightly acidic. thank you.
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Try Decumaria barbara, commonly called either decumaria or climbing hydrangea (careful, though, as "climbing hydrangea" also refers to another plant from Japan) D. barbara will do fine in shade. Even likes acid soils. Has white flowers when allowed to climb.

Or, you could try Parthenocissus quinquefolia (virginia creeper). Should do fine; normally grows with pines. I remember we had this one one house as a child (in MA), and it grew on all sides of it rather vigorously. No noticable flowers, but lots of fruit. I remember birds nesting in it.

Both these will do fine in shade and should be able to adhere to the brick on your chimney (with little suckers or rootlets). You would probably only need one plant. Be careful not to let either of them (or any other clinging vine) grow where they might cause damage - like on the wood siding, or under your eaves. They can be cut back to prevent them from growing where you don't want them.

That wisteria you found is also supposed to grow in shade, but I wonder if it would flower well there. Also, it doesn't have a means to attach to the brick because it climbs by twining.
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shady vines

thank you, leu. i am doing alot of research and trying to not make any mistakes.i walk around my yard at different times to ascertain correct placement. i must say i am a novice, and the attention and responses you give me save me alot of disapppoinment and trouble.i am working with a yard who has alot of already established plants, not to mention how my mind boggles with the sudden space for new ideas.i will continue to consult you, as i want my garden to be a sucess, and a year-round display of color.thank you for you tremendous help!
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You might like the following book:

Gardening with Native Plants of the South, by Sally Wasowski. She goes through a lot of really nice plants that are native to our area (read: evolved to deal expressly with our climate!) Each plant has a lot of info given for how to grow it, as well as nice color photos. Although it isn't an exhaustive list of plants, it does give a good number from every group you a person might want - small to big trees, evergreens, groundcover, shade, sun... you name it. I bet you'd find it it a great book (I do!)

Gardening is a lot of fun. I'm living a bit vicariously right now, as I'm a grad student and this poses 2 problems: no money and limited gardening space in my rental duplex. Thanks for letting me play in your yard!

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