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hi i am staying in a trailerpark from may to october my trailer is parked just beside the gravelroad i want to put up a hedge,because of dust,what kind would be the best and fastes growing. codie
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Sorry, Codie, I don't think there is a hedge out there that will really fit your neeeds. You'll only be living there from May to October, right? so... 5 or 6 months?

It's too bad that there's a lot of dust. The problem is that there really isn't anything to my knowledge that would grow fast enough to have any effect whatsoever before you move out. I think you'd need a pretty sizable hedge to make a dent in the dust, and something like that usually takes a few years. Even if you were to buy really large plants to begin with, it would cost a small fortune - enough where you could have been living in a more expensive place without the dirt road.

The only other thing I can think of would be some kind of fast growing vine on a fence of some sort. The type all depends on where you live. I'm looking at a Burgess catalogue, and they're advertising "the fastest growing vine known", they're calling it "silver lace vine". It's in the genus Polygonum. I know absolutely nothing about it, though. Fast growing doesn't necessarily mean full growing, though, and you would need it to get full, preferable with big leaves to catch the dust.

The one I would try would be Campsis radicans, commonly called hummingbird vine. It's got lots of foliage; I'm not sure exactly how fast it grows, but I think it's rather vigorous. It's also got lovely red/orange trumpet-shaped flowers.

You might want to ask in a few other forums about what else you might want to do to try to keep some of the dust out of the house. It would be such a pity to go through a summer without ever opening the windows.
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thanks for your reply leu,i guess what i not explained is that i be there every year,i cant put up a fence of any kind because i am renting the land and have permission to grow anything i want.they do spray the road but not often enough. and i really like the spot.thanks again codie

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