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Moss gardening, I would like to grow moss in the shady areas of my yard and on the rocks that surround a garden pond. Can anyone tell me a way to get moss to grow on rocks? I was onced told putting buttermilk and liquid fertilizer from a garden sprayer would work. I did not have any success with this. Please advise any suggestions or any special kinds of mosses and where they can be found.
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I've heard that you should put the milk and some moss in the blender, then put that on. I've never tried it, but it akes sense that you might need to get some moss and spores on there with the milk.

Aside from that, the rocks need to be in the shade in a place that would be kept moist all the time. Since mosses don't have vascular tissue (veins) or roots, they can't suck up water like other plants, and therefore need a moist shady area to grow in. You can find moss to start your mix with in by simply looking around (keep a baggie in your pocket to collect some with). Keep an eye out in shady places, like the bases of rock or brick walls, fallen logs in the woods, etc.

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