Tomato plant related queries


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Tomato plant related queries

I'm very glad to be part of this fantastic forum. I recently started into planting Vegetables with aim to produce some output against the efforts. I have been into planting different flowers & Holy Basils but somewhere I wanted to start producing vegetables or fruits. Somehow by grace of God our society permitted us to do so & I planted Tomatoes, Chilies & Brinjal.

Chilly & Brinjals are doing fine but with tomatoes I have some doubts which I want to clear.

First here's detailed info on setup-
  1. Length- 3 feet, Width- 1 feet, Height- 2 feet cement pot
  2. Around 23 kg of soil mixed with cow dung manure
  3. 3 Tomato saplings potted with distance of 10 inches in between
  4. Added Dynamix Fertilizer after one month
  5. Sunlight is approximately 5 hours, In morning between 8am to 10am, in afternoon 2.30pm to 5.30pm
  6. Watering- On Monday I water it till it starts dripping from bottom of pot. Tuesday & Wednesday small amount of watering just for soil to remain moist. Thursday same as Monday & on Friday,Sat. & Sun. same as Tue. & Wed. Additionally on Tuesday, Friday & Sunday I spray water on leaves.

The bottom leaves are drying up as shown in pictures-

where as new branches with nice green leaves are coming upside. Also small tomatoes are taking place of flowers. I am not able to investigate what goes wrong with bottom leaves, is it natural way Tomato plant grows or something missing. Its hot summer now with temperature raising up to 36 degree Celsius & with an advise from Nursery I'm avoiding any additives till start of rainy season.

Kindly have your helpful words if I'm missing something & need to take any immediate action to rectify my false doing.

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Too much water and not enough sunshine.
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There is also fungus from the soil which attacks the plant. Mulching, or placing landscape fabric or plastic around the base of the plant may help. It prevents soil from splashing on the plant when it rains. The lack of full sun contributes to the fungus problem but it is not the end of the world.

My tomatoes look much worse at the end of the season. We grow many varieties that are not disease resistant so every season is a race. Grow tomatoes and harvest before the dying leaves get too far.
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The OP is in India that has an excess of sun (90% of the country). They also do have seasonal monsoons. Some coastal areas have some variations, but usually only for morning fog, etc. 90F - 100F with humidity is common during the summer months.

I think trying to grow the varieties that can stand the heat 24/7 in the summer would be a suggestion. It seem the containers do have drainage. There could be fungus problem, so replacing the soil might help. The cow dung could be a problem if it is not aged.

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OK, Guys. Sorry for late response & thank you for comments. I done a bit more studies & gather information on this & concluded that bottom leaves drying up is completely fine as long as new shoots are coming upwards. Infact I should cut those leaves & suckers which I did recently & added vermicompost instead the above said fertilizer.

Harvest few tomatoes last week & its doing well.

Can anyone help me identify what type of Tomatoes are this?

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